Why Your Next Content Venture Should Be a Video Podcast

Storytelling is essential to successful marketing, and there’s no medium better suited to storytelling than podcasting. Journalists have turned to podcasting to uncover often overlooked stories. Celebrities use the medium to set the record straight on common misconceptions about themselves.

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event production schedule
Event Planning

Why Event Producers Obsess over the Schedule

Event planning is already an investment of time and money. Drafting an event production schedule with a defined approval process helps you stay within budget and execute an engaging event.

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The Approval Process Can Save Your Wallet

Your brand invested time and money into creating compelling video content to share with your audience, so it’s understandable that you would want that content to be the best that it can be. And your video production team works hard

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Video Production at Events with Custom Studio Programming

Events are great opportunities for brands to network, collaborate, and share valuable information with each other and their target audiences. However, you may be wondering if there’s a quick, efficient way to share knowledge at events with your target audience

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Video Production Statistics from 2017 that You Need to Know

2017 was a banner year for online video as we saw more and more companies shift marketing resources to this new trend. Great video production has become a must-have as marketers have recognized the potential for online video to engage

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What’s the Best Way to Produce a Video?

Video productions have a lot of components that need to be addressed carefully to ensure the quality of the final product. A major piece of a video production involves determining the best method or process to use for producing the

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Why It’s Worth Hiring a Professional Video Production Team

Nowadays, more brands are recognizing the inherent value of choosing to focus their marketing efforts on online corporate videos. With cameras becoming more powerful and less expensive in recent years, the barrier to entry in video production seems to be

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The Future of Corporate Video Production

Video has become one of the most dominant mediums people use to consume content in the last few years. Just check how many videos pop up on your Newsfeed the next time you log into Facebook – it seems that

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Tips for Producing a Video for Your Next Event

When it comes to producing a video to show at your next event, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. You need to follow the general rules we outlined last week, but you’ll also need to think about

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4 Rules to Guide the Production of Your Next Corporate Video

A corporate video can serve many different purposes, from telling the story of your brand to getting your customers excited about what the future will bring. When you choose a professional video production firm like TalkingTree Creative for your next

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Maximizing Content Production Opportunities at Your Events

When most people think about events, in general, they focus on the opportunities available during the day, such as being able to attend informational panels, networking, and generating sales leads. Event planners, however, see a blank canvas with unique opportunities

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