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TalkingTree Creative’s 2022 #YearInReview

2022 Year in Review: Live Events and International Marketing Campaigns 2022 has been a triumphant year for many of TalkingTree Creative’s clients. After countless webinars, zoom happy hours, and virtual conferences, many businesses finally made their return to live events. Those

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Why Your Next Content Venture Should Be a Video Podcast

Storytelling is essential to successful marketing, and there’s no medium better suited to storytelling than podcasting. Journalists have turned to podcasting to uncover often overlooked stories. Celebrities use the medium to set the record straight on common misconceptions about themselves.

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Content Marketing

How to Brainstorm Creative Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Ideas

With billions of videos online how do you create content that stands out on YouTube? Learn expert tips for how to come up with good ideas for Youtube videos.

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Video Production

How We Apply Our Strategic Creative Process to Your Video Project

Have you ever wondered how a video project goes from concept to production? At TalkingTree Creative, we use a strategic creative process to transform your message into a high-quality video that truly impacts your audience. This complex strategy utilizes tried

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TalkingTree Creative Video Production Infographic that demonstrates the importance of utilizing video for your business
Video Production

Infographic: How Video Can Boost Your Business

This infographic demonstrates the importance of utilizing video for your business. At TalkingTree Creative, we offer a full scope of video production capabilities. Read through the infographic to learn more about our video production services.   Video offers versatility that

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Interactive Elements You Can Incorporate in Your Trade Show Booth

If you’re attending an upcoming event and your business has a trade show booth, you may be wondering how to get your visitors to stay longer, be more engaged, and become valued customers. The simple solution to these problems is

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How to Attract and Engage Event Attendees at Your Trade Show Booth

With more in-person events happening, businesses are being reintroduced to the world of trade shows. 95% of marketers agree that live events provide a valuable opportunity to form genuine face-to-face connections in an increasingly digital world. In fact, according to

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What to Expect When You Build a Virtual Set with TalkingTree Creative

What is a virtual set?  A virtual set is a type of video production studio that allows a realistic 3D environment to be controlled and manipulated in real time; these videos can be screened via live stream or prerecorded. This

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Questions to Consider Before Launching a Perfect Live Stream

Live streaming is not just for video gamers and sports fans. It can also be used to connect to consumers more personally than ever on a screen. In fact, 73% of B2B businesses using live video report positive results to

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video post-production
Video Marketing

The Basics of Video Post-Production Work

Video editing in Post-production is the key step to making a video. Learn how our production company can turn ideas into compelling footage or corporate video.

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Event Production

Partners with Benefits: 5 Reasons Relationships Matter in the Production World

When it comes to production, business is personal and in some cases, hinges on the relationship between producer and client. Here are four reasons why we try so hard to get to know you.

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