Interactive Elements You Can Incorporate in Your Trade Show Booth

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If you’re attending an upcoming event and your business has a trade show booth, you may be wondering how to get your visitors to stay longer, be more engaged, and become valued customers. The simple solution to these problems is to activate their five senses through interactive booth elements.  

Interactive trade show displays encourage visitors to hang around longer as you offer a personal and engaging brand experience. Specifically, interactive content engages audiences twice as much as static content. 

TalkingTree Creative are experts in creating interactive media productions that offer businesses an opportunity to showcase their brand values, products, and services. We custom design booth elements that range from virtual reality to an interactive video wall to motion-sensitive projections.

In this article, we break down the types of interactive booth elements your business can use to garner a successful trade show crowd.

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Plan Your Booth with Interaction In Mind

A welcoming and functional space is the first step to creating a successful exhibit. First impressions matter, so consider how attendees will move through the space, browse products, and engage with booth staff when designing your space.

For example, an open concept floor plan allows attendees to enter the exhibit from many directions which is helpful in high traffic environments. Have people or tech kiosks placed on multiple entry points of the booth as a first engagement point. From there, visitors can immerse themselves in your brand and engage with the interactive displays built in the exhibit.

Depending on the type of space and activities planned for your booth, you can designate areas for specific activities. For example, for special performances and demonstrations, it is important to have an area audiences can observe from that do not obstruct the aisle or other booth elements.

TalkingTree Creative offers services for a variety of event types from in-person to remote. No matter the space, we ensure your brand is presented at its finest. Contact us for more insight into our services.

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Determine What Interactive Elements Work for Your Strategy

Interactive elements for a trade show booth range from a variety of features that can be utilized. With so many options, it may be dizzying to organize all these elements along with a basic booth design. We broke down different types of interactive technology to help your trade show strategy.

Virtual and augmented reality: Give customers a private, immersive experience in a completely custom digital world built to your brand’s vision. If you are given a space at the trade show with a lot of other noise and distractions, the virtual reality goggles may offer nice solace for guests. Imagine being taken to space to learn about the solar system or visiting Disneyland with the entire park to yourself!

Our specialty in virtual reality allows us to offer a variety of experiences to clients’ consumers. To see more of what we can do and, more importantly, what virtual reality can do for your brand, click here to learn more about our services.

Interactive touch screens or video walls: Set up tech kiosks with iPads, iPhones, or a large touchscreen monitor for visitors to use as a self-guided introduction to your brand. This can showcase how to navigate throughout the booth or offer content to share within the trade show or social media.

QR codes: Extend your reach beyond your booth with creating activities and content through QR codes guests can access through their phones. Utilizing these can lead to endless possibilities such as a link to a digital booth, access to a game, offers to promotions, etc.

Branded games: Games can draw visitors into your booth to collect their contact information and to incentivize their participation during trade show promotions and demonstrations. Mobile games make it easier for attendees to share their experiences at the booth to their social media accounts which spreads the word about your brand through an effective word-of-mouth channel.

Photo booths: Set up a photo booth or a dedicated space with branded graphics and backgrounds somewhere in your exhibit. Make sure the photo booth encourages participants to upload the photos to their social media accounts which can be done through a QR code or an emailed link.

Live presentations or theaters: Guests are more likely to remember a brand if they were engaged by the presentation or host. Consider hiring a professional speaker or salesperson to really attract attention to your exhibit. Make sure they understand and respect your products and services.

As you can see, a business has many options to use when making an interactive booth. Remember what your main goals are for your trade show booth before deciding what interactive elements would be effective. To find out more about how to set up your booth and prepare for a trade show, read this blog.

Our team at TalkingTree Creative works hard to provide a custom event service to every client we work with. We have vast experience with showcasing at trade shows with a variety of businesses. No matter the industry or scale, TalkingTree strives for customer satisfaction.

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Partner with TalkingTree

Our TalkingTree team members are experts at designing and creating interactive media productions that brands use to effectively showcase their values, products, and services. Our team can custom design booth elements that range from mobile games to motion sensitive projections to virtual reality. We want to give customers the opportunity to experience brands we love and respect in new visual mediums and forms. Contact us today for a consultation!

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