Event Video

Whether your message to your audience involves the launch of a new product, the need for new donations for a nonprofit, or a sales pitch for tradeshow attendees visiting your booth, we can produce video that delivers results.

We won’t bore you with an extensive list of our equipment or technical proficiencies. At TalkingTree Creative, we’re all about the message. We craft successful videos for clients throughout the Baltimore-Washington corridor, the greater Mid-Atlantic region, and nationwide.

From concept development to the final product, TalkingTree Creative offers a full scope of video production capabilities. Our production capabilities for video entertainment include:

  • Concept development and preproduction strategy
  • Scriptwriting
  • Storyboarding
  • Location scouting
  • Production planning
  • Crew and casting
  • Scene lighting
  • Location and studio
  • Grip equipment
  • Event and ambient audio
  • HD video
  • Sound design
  • Creative editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Title design and animation
  • Finishing
  • Captioning
  • Live streaming
  • Online distribution

Types of videos we produce:

Video offers versatility that can’t be replicated in any other medium. If can supplement live or streaming events, reach potential customers, and demonstrate new concepts. The team at TalkingTree Creative has a diverse video production background, with extensive experience in entertainment production, theater arts, media production, and more. We specialize in producing:

  • Trade Show Video – Reach more prospects and make a more compelling argument by supporting your sales team and enhancing your booth with video. LEARN MORE
  • Visual Content for Live Events – Connect with your audience through the use of visual content, including motion graphics, animation, and video. LEARN MORE
  • Custom Video Stories – From testimonials to image pieces, we can craft a story that has an impact. LEARN MORE
  • Product Rollout Video – Whether you’re unveiling a complex product that requires an explanation or simply looking to make a splash, we can help. LEARN MORE
  • Fundraising Video – Make your message connect on an emotional level and secure more donations with the power of video. LEARN MORE
  • Corporate Documentary Video – Tell the story of your company in a way that makes your audience care about who you are and why you do what you do. LEARN MORE
  • Digital Signage & Internal Corporate TV – Digital signage, corporate TV, IP-TV, and more – let us create unique content for your network of displays. LEARN MORE

360 / VR / Interactive Video

360 immersive video and VR (Virtual Reality) are cutting edge technologies that experts say are among the top 5 technologies to change the future of events.

TalkingTree Creative has been producing immersive content for events for many years and now we are producing that content for VR headsets as well. We have added 360 video cameras and editing to our bag of tricks and 360 content is as immersive as you can get. Consider the experiences we can deliver to your audience when we immerse them into your environment with the sights and sounds all around them. But we don’t stop at total immersion. We add the interactivity of allowing your audience to make choices about what they want to see, hear and learn while they are inside the experience. You do not even need VR headsets to experience 360 or interactive videos. Both, YouTube and Facebook support 360 video and we can deploy an interactive video that allows for user input on your website or we can host it on ours. Come on and jump in! It’s engaging for everyone.