Why Interview and Panel Videos Are Great Marketing Tools

Picture this – your team has just put the finishing touches on your trade show display and is ready to settle in for the big event. You’ve worked hard to create the content, and you’ve even booked experts and analysts

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Why It’s Worth Hiring a Professional Video Production Team

Nowadays, more brands are recognizing the inherent value of choosing to focus their marketing efforts on online corporate videos. With cameras becoming more powerful and less expensive in recent years, the barrier to entry in video production seems to be

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Why Webcasts Are Taking the Business World by Storm

You may have noticed the explosive growth of video on social media networks recently. Businesses across a wide array of industries are using video, and especially live webcasts, as a way to connect with their audiences and build brand awareness

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The Future of Corporate Video Production

Video has become one of the most dominant mediums people use to consume content in the last few years. Just check how many videos pop up on your Newsfeed the next time you log into Facebook – it seems that

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4 Rules to Guide the Production of Your Next Corporate Video

A corporate video can serve many different purposes, from telling the story of your brand to getting your customers excited about what the future will bring. When you choose a professional video production firm like TalkingTree Creative for your next

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Maximizing Content Production Opportunities at Your Events

When most people think about events, in general, they focus on the opportunities available during the day, such as being able to attend informational panels, networking, and generating sales leads. Event planners, however, see a blank canvas with unique opportunities

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How to Effectively Use Facebook Live Video at Your Event

Facebook Live has been generating a lot of buzz lately in the world of event planning. This platform of live video streaming has the potential to grow engagement with your event dramatically and may even boost its attendance in future

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Take Advantage of the Power of Video Engagement

Event planners know how important it is to get your audience engaged in every way possible. It is the hallmark of a successful event planning strategy. Technology plays an important role in achieving this – everything from creating engaging websites

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Video Production

Honda’s Virtual Reality Experience Spreads Holiday Cheer to Sick Kids

The holiday season is a very special, magical time of year. But for kids unable to leave the hospital, it’s quite a different story. To bridge this gap, Honda has employed virtual reality to bring the enchantment of the holiday

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The Future of Content Marketing Is Video

If you hadn’t already noticed, video is taking the content marketing world by storm. Video is expected to account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. So what makes video so successful? In addition to being naturally engaging,

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How and Why Virtual Reality is Being Incorporated into Events

Although virtual reality was initially seen as a way to revolutionize gaming, the technology’s potential for innovation has reached much farther. Virtual reality is poised to forever change the event industry, as brands are better able to reach their audiences

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How Twitter is Making a Resurgence with Live Video

After several quarters of stagnant user growth and slowing sales, Twitter’s recent foray into live video may be able to turn around its fortunes. Featuring high profile events like the presidential debate and Thursday Night Football has put the company

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