3 Real World Uses for Animated Video

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Video can be excellent for brand storytelling, social media, and other marketing campaigns, but sometimes your ideas are too big for live action. Animated video can transport viewers to another world, simplify complex concepts and evoke empathy. Whether your ideas are too fantastical for live video or simply tricky to capture on film, we use animation to bring your vision to life. 

In this blog, we share three examples of animated storytelling. For each animation, we explore what was created for a single client, Hughes, who trusts our team for video production, event production, and virtual reality experiences. Read on to see how we create engaging animations for marketing campaigns, events, and professional development.  

Use animated video explainers to demonstrate your products or services

You can’t always be available to provide product demonstrations for prospective clients. With animated video, you can illustrate the use case for new products and services in a manner that’s easy for your audience to relate to and understand. Animated video not only helps creators simplify high-tech concepts but also allows viewers to see themselves in your story.

In this video, we helped Hughes demonstrate how their suite of services offers businesses a one-stop-shop for network support. The main benefit of their service is its versatility. Clients can access a suite of essential digital solutions without hiring multiple suppliers. The product addresses issues related to network connectivity, digital communication, and cyber security. Animation simplifies this complex service and allows viewers to see how it would benefit everyday life in their business. 

Use animation to convey messages you can’t illustrate in live action video

Nearly everyone has a high-quality video camera right in their pocket these days. Although video production is more accessible than ever, you’re likely to find there are still scenarios that you struggle to capture effectively in live action. Consider, for instance, that your vision hinges on a specific setting, like a far-away city. It may be too expensive to travel and shoot there, but animation can take you there instantly. 

When filming a specific scenario is logistically difficult or just plain expensive, animation offers a method to represent your message. In another project, Hughes enlisted our help in demonstrating a new generation of satellite internet. Using virtual reality technology, we created a 3D environment representing the Hughes Network Operation Center. Participants got the chance to visit the satellite and see it in action, all in 3D through a VR headset.

Train new employees with animated video

Leveraging video in your business can also help to streamline the onboarding process for new employees. In hands-on professions like construction, manufacturing, and similar industries, accuracy and safety are essential for both the customer and the employee. Animated video is an effective way to train employees on proper protocols.

In our last animated video example, we crafted a 3D animated training video on satellite installation. To ensure our animation accurately captured the process, we created models of the entire process. Using 3D models of the environment and the hardware, the video offers a step-by-step guide to installing the satellite. The finished product is visually appealing and easy to understand.

Create high-quality animation with TalkingTree Creative

You don’t have to travel to outer space to tell your story. When live-action video isn’t feasible for your idea, animation can bring it to life. Whether you’re looking to transport your story to a far-away land or simplify complex topics for your clients, we can help.

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