Why Interview and Panel Videos Are Great Marketing Tools

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Interview and Panel Videos
interview and panel videos are useful tools for marketing your event to your target audience.

Picture this – your team has just put the finishing touches on your trade show display and is ready to settle in for the big event. You’ve worked hard to create the content, and you’ve even booked experts and analysts to participate in a panel and deliver important information to your current and potential customers at the event. Now, consider: what happens when that event is over? Have you gotten the most out of the content you worked so hard on? If you haven’t booked a professional video production company like TalkingTree Creative to take interview and panel videos at your event, then it isn’t. Here’s why interview and panel videos from trade shows and other events are such great marketing tools for brands.

Professional Studio Setting

A professional video production team ensures that the setting of the interview and panel videos is conducive to your marketing goals. They sketch out, construct, and staff a studio in order to create a high-quality video of your panel. By doing this, you are putting your panel, interviewee, and content in the best position to make an impact on your viewer. You can spend more time crafting the perfect content for your piece and not as much on the planning and execution behind it.

Quick Turnaround Time

We all understand how fast-paced the business world has become over the last decade or so. The internet has radically changed the way we approach marketing our brands, and business owners who don’t adapt to this new reality are wasting a golden opportunity to truly engage with their audience. Interview and panel videos from your trade show are perfect tools for today’s business environment. They are short, 3-5 minute pieces that are easy for your audience to view and gain useful information from. Better yet, they can be turned around very quickly – we produce and edit videos into a final product and sent to your marketing channels within 24 hours. This means you can have a somewhat “real-time” look into your event and its content available for your non-attendee audience!


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