Creative Engagement at Corporate Events: Are You Ready to Take a Risk?

Creative Engagement

Developing creative engagement strategies can be a risky, but ultimately rewarding, endeavor for your brand and its next event.

In any marketing effort, the end goal that provides the framework is getting as many potential customers to look to your brand as possible. Today, the way that companies do this is by coming up with content that deeply engages their audience. Nowhere is engaging content more important than in the realm of corporate events. To increase your event attendance every year, you’ll need to employ engagement techniques that are highly creative and get your guests excited to attend every year. However, creative engagement can be risky, and some brand managers may be hesitant to use these techniques. Why is that the case, and how can you make sure you’re brave enough to get creative with the ways you engage your clientele?

Why is Creative Engagement Risky?

Risk-taking is not sufficiently valued in today’s corporate environment. It is estimated that about 33% of employees today are neither praised nor criticized for taking risks in the workplace. Also, change can be scary to some managers as it may disrupt a status quo that may be working just fine for the brand.

Creative engagement is risky in event planning for a few other reasons, as well:

  • The effort required to start a new creative venture can feel overwhelming and may lead to a crisis of nonaction.
  • Short-term and long-term priorities may come into conflict. Even if there is sufficient desire to innovate and come up with a creative engagement strategy for your marketing efforts, short-term pressures, such as quarterly earnings reports, shareholders, and productivity may take precedence.
  • You may end up failing. Nobody wants to fail – it feels terrible, and you cost your company valuable time and money.

Change may be scary, but it is necessary and can ultimately be fulfilling and fruitful. How do you foster a culture of innovation in your marketing department?

Innovation Strategies to Help You Tackle Creative Engagement

Companies that are recognized for their innovation, such as Apple, foster a corporate culture of innovation at all levels, from the CEO all the way down. This provides a critical insight: mold your leadership characteristics to reward and value risk-taking and creativity. Reward responsible failure and risks that were carefully calculated – not doing so can stifle your employees and smother creativity. Doing this should help your team make strategic changes in your quest to maximize creative engagement.

Another great strategy is to work with a production team that recognizes the importance of your goals and can help you deliver high-quality, engaging pieces of content for your event. A production team that values creativity can help you navigate risks, alleviate fears, and turn out quality content to help you reach your goals.


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