What to Expect When You Build a Virtual Set with TalkingTree Creative

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What is a virtual set? 

A virtual set is a type of video production studio that allows a realistic 3D environment to be controlled and manipulated in real time; these videos can be screened via live stream or prerecorded. This means that the virtual set can be programmed to change on screen graphics or the environment using digital graphics based on the client’s parameters and preferences.

Being able to design the studio environment, graphics and themes in advance allows a lot of room for creativity and opportunity for multiple types of events or industries. These sets can be used for business conferences, live performances, news announcements, and more.

To get a better understanding of what these virtual sets can do visually, check out this video of our team at TalkingTree Creative constructing a virtual set. We show our expertise in organizing such custom and easy-to-use sets while clients get to see their branding imaginations come to life.

This article will walk you through what to expect in the virtual set design process with TalkingTree and the stand-out features of our virtual sets.

What to Expect When Building a Virtual Set

As a client who is looking into building your own virtual set with us, let us tell you our process and how your input matters.

Planning Phase

First, we settle on a general layout for the set and the branding to be applied. This is where, together, we will plan large technical and branding decisions for your video content strategy. The layout then develops into an approved set design including branding, materials, lighting, and different locations on the set for different presentations or performances. 

Modeling Phase

After the approved set is designed, our team will build a 3D model. This model will be a photorealistic rendering you will get to review. You can then discuss with our team about any changes or edits you deem necessary.

Video Planning Phase

Once the final 3D model is approved, the set is loaded into a virtual set system which communicates with motion-reading cameras that can move the set accordingly for more realistic video panning.

Filming Phase 

Finally, presenters are recorded behind green screens where the cameras send motion data to the virtual set system and the system composites the visuals into the set in real time.

If you want to use the set for another show, you can do so with no modifications or you can change some of the branding and colors very quickly without re-building the entire thing.

Benefits of Virtual Sets

We wanted to break down key features our virtual sets provide that make our services stand out.

Cost Effectiveness

Our virtual sets are designed and built once. Then, they are free to use and re-use as many times as the client chooses to. Such a resource would be helpful to those with routine video content. This can range from daily news announcements to online classes. 

If you want to make any changes to the set, no worries! Our team can easily modify, re-brand, and/or re-light already built sets. As previously mentioned, you can also make your own simple modifications with little hassle.


Virtual sets can be beneficial for many different brands and businesses. Consider the creative parameters virtual sets have: the size of the studio you shoot in can be very small compared to the virtual set. The virtual world you present can be as large as you can imagine even be a complete complex of rooms or spaces. 

From a glitzy TV News set to a live concert complete with scenic and lighting to the Parthenon, any world you wish for is our command. Being able to visually set the tone with these realtime effects allows for businesses to theme their events with branding in mind or provide an immersive experience based on event type and subject matter. With our virtual sets, your studio can feel as big as the rest of the world.


A virtual set gives your show the appearance of a cohesive venue so that it looks like you have a branded environment shared by all the presenters. Not only is this an immersive effect but also solves a few technical issues such as hosts filming from different cameras and angles.

Ever had actors or hosts that can’t film on the same day? You can record people remotely at different times and they can appear together as if they were on the same show at the same time. Given the limited cast and crew allowed on sets due to COVID restrictions, this feature will come in handy for organizing content involving large groups on screen. Our virtual sets at TalkingTree are adjustable enough to allow any company to film quality content without having to stress about health guidelines. 

You can also augment the virtual set with augmented reality elements appearing in 3D as if your cast on screen is interacting with these additional components. Our virtual sets allow any technical differences that can appear on screen to be edited out for a more unified appearance.

Build A Virtual Set with TalkingTree Creative

TalkingTree Creative prides itself on offering quality services for custom video production to multiple clients from a variety of industries. Our sets have taken hosts from a 100 sq-ft studio to a city square across the globe in a matter of seconds. Viewers are also brought along for the ride with the detailed digital graphics shown on screen. So contact us today to find out more about our video production services! And if you want to see more work from our sets and/or productions, click this video.

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