What’s the Best Way to Produce a Video?

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Video Production Methods
There are a few different methods we use to produce a video – which method is best for your goals?

Video productions have a lot of components that need to be addressed carefully to ensure the quality of the final product. A major piece of a video production involves determining the best method or process to use for producing the video, and that depends on the kind of video you want. There are a few different approaches that production experts here at TalkingTree use, each of which has advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different types of video projects. In other words, certain processes are better suited for certain projects and to achieve certain goals. We have divided the methods into three main categories we use to produce a video.

Method 1: Scripted – Planning Everything in Advance

In the first way to produce a video, all production items are planned out before shooting commences. Storyboards, the conceptualization and visualization of the piece, and script writing are all completed first. After everything is planned out and agreed upon, the team shoots the video and does the post-production work. This method is ideal for branding videos because it allows the client to control their style, messaging and targeting completely. Using this method, we know exactly how we want every shot to look, and people who speak on screen are more like actors in that they need to deliver predetermined lines authentically.  If they do not have experience with acting or delivering presentations, this can be a major challenge. The advantage of this method? We only shoot and record the exact scenes that we need. The drawback? This takes a lot of time and planning to get it right.

Method 2: Un-Scripted – Making It Up as You Go

On the other end of the spectrum, this method of video production allows for spontaneity. It is often used for weddings and other social events and may involve interviews where we choose the best clips in post-production to carry our message.  We still plan the messaging and determine a style of shooting, but we allow the event to determine what we shoot.  The camera operators must keep one eye on the action and the other in the camera because one never knows where the action will be. This method is the best way to go when creating a video for an event or when you want to achieve more authentic performances on screen.  Corporate and branding events are full of situations that a production team simply couldn’t plan for. When a company wants to make a video about an event, it makes a lot more sense to shoot the footage and then craft a narrative after the fact. The advantage of this method?  You get a more authentic delivery of your message and it’s more spontaneous. The disadvantage?  You must be ready to capture 20 to 30 times the amount footage you will ultimately use.

Method 3: Hybrid – A Combination of Methods 1 & 2

Some projects, however, require a combination of structure and freedom. In method 3, the production team determines a general outline of what the video project is to cover. If we conduct interviews or intend to have on-screen talent, we guide the speaker to say the message in their own words. The team shoots the footage for the video, then creates a script during post-production. Because this approach is so versatile, it works with a wide array of projects, both for branding purposes as well as in the event world. This method allows for the benefits of the other two while the only drawback is the need to capture more footage than you will actually use.


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