Huge Backlash Over New YouTube Commenting System

If you’ve been on YouTube recently, you’ve probably noticed some pretty significant changes. One of the most obvious changes is the way the commenting system works. Previously, anyone could make an anonymous account in order to comment on a video.

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YouTube Hosts Its First Ever Music Awards

  YouTube hosted the first YouTube Music Awards at Pier 36 on Sunday in New York. While the title “music awards” might conjure up images of a red carpet, dry acceptance speeches and big industry names, YouTube eschewed the traditional

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Music Subscription Service Coming to YouTube?

Sources from YouTube say that the video site is working on a subscription music service, similar to other subscription services such as Spotify and Rhapsody. The service would include both a free and paid tier, the difference being the lack

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Video Production

Paid Subscription Channels Arrive on YouTube

  One of the biggest draws of online video giant YouTube is that all of the content on the website is free to watch. Seeing the potential revenue that it’s missing out on, YouTube has started working to capitalize on

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Bill Nye is Back, But on YouTube this Time

Bill Nye the science guy is back in action, but you won’t see him on public television, where his popular educational show was programmed in the 1990’s. The science guy has made the move to Youtube, where he’s been making

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YouTube Marketing Mistakes

There are several keys to developing an online video marketing strategy. However, sometimes businesses place too much emphasis on certain strategies, while giving little thought to others. Consequentially, their videos don’t generate the interest they had hoped for. Lets talk

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YouTube Comment Moderation Allows Targeted Comment Management

A common criticism of YouTube is that its comment moderation system needs to be changed. Its emphasis on showing the most recent comments means that relevant comments are often pushed out of the way by more recent comments that may

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YouTube invests in its Users

  Video killed the radio star, so they say. Video, however, was not wiped out by the internet star, in fact they have come together nicely in the form of one of the most visited sites on the planet, YouTube.

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Micromanaging Video Marketing with YouTube Analytics

  In order for a video marketing strategy to work, it has to be a calculated and concerted effort. You can execute your plan down to the smallest detail, but gauging the reaction of the target demographic is just as

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How Video Marketing Built an Entire Brand

When BH Cosmetics launched it’s first video marketing initiative in 2009, it was an online only retailer. Four years, 200,000 videos and 100 million views later, the cosmetics company is one of the main retailers in the lucrative 13 to

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YouTube Gets Better For App Developers

App developers looking for more data storage on YouTube got their wish recently. YouTube offers courtesy Data API (Application Programming Interface) units that allow app developers to upload a certain amount of videos and also regulate the amount of read

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Online Video Services: YouTube vs. Vimeo

In the world of online video, YouTube is far and away the number one player. According to, “Of the 182 million Americans who watched a streaming video in May [2013], 154.5 million watched it on YouTube.” This is a

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