Micromanaging Video Marketing with YouTube Analytics

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In order for a video marketing strategy to work, it has to be a calculated and concerted effort. You can execute your plan down to the smallest detail, but gauging the reaction of the target demographic is just as important in refining and updating your strategy. This is where YouTube Analytics comes in.


YouTube Analytics and analytics are nothing new, but if you’re unaware of the full extent of their capabilities you might be surprised just how much analytics can do for you. YouTube analytics collects almost every conceivable datum on your video channel as a whole as well as each individual video. YouTube then displays this information for you in a format which is easy to interpret.


The Analytics Overview Report displays information concerning traffic to your channel over the past 30 days. You can see your channel’s top 10 most viewed videos as well as where viewers are accessing your videos and how they found them online. You also have access to analytics information about individual videos on your channel including access dates, locations, method used to find the video, if the video was shared using social media, and even exactly how long viewers watched a video e.g., whether they watched to completion or clicked out before it was over.


All of this information is integral feedback that can help target or redirect a video marketing campaign. Using YouTube Analytics, campaigns can adjust ads and promotion techniques, keywords for search engines, video style and content, and social media strategies. Essentially, you’re not just throwing videos out into the vastness that is the internet and hoping something sticks, you’re getting the data you need to see whether or not your videos are sticking; data that can inform you as to how to make them relevant in a sea of information. This is why TalkingTree Creative can get the results you want for your video marketing campaign. We’re experienced in targeting and leading successful campaigns that feature quality content that stands out from the crowd. Let us help you get your campaign started.


TalkingTree Creative


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