YouTube Gets Better For App Developers

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App developers looking for more data storage on YouTube got their wish recently. YouTube offers courtesy Data API (Application Programming Interface) units that allow app developers to upload a certain amount of videos and also regulate the amount of read and write operations apps can perform every day. The number of Data API units increased from 5 million per day to 50 million per day. YouTube also reduced the cost of uploading videos, previously at 16,000 units, to 1,600 units, a significant decrease which is sure to benefit developers.


YouTube introduced the third version of its Data API in December. This Data API works with YouTube’s Player and Analytics API’s to enable applications to provide “a full-fledged YouTube experience that includes search and discovery, content creation, video playback, account management, and viewer statistics.” It offers several features that make for “better integrated video experiences,” according to YouTube. These include more refined search parameters that help the user find videos more quickly, improved communication with audiences in social media management apps, and reduced bandwidth requirements.


What does this mean for you? Regardless of whether or not you’re an app developer, observers will take note that YouTube is taking strides to improve its service and functionality on both the front and back ends. If you’re a user, videos are both easier to find and more plentiful than ever. If you’re a content creator, it’s getting easier to upload the videos you want and create the YouTube presence in line with your business. TalkingTree can help you get your business on YouTube and build an online video marketing strategy with a robust YouTube channel. Innovation is a big reason for YouTube’s growth, and when YouTube grows, it’s users grow. Get your video marketing platform started today with the help of TalkingTree Creative.

Happy Labor Day!
Happy Labor Day, by the way!


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