The Power of Trusting Your Creative Agency Partner

As professional creatives, we understand that turning over the reins to an outside partner is scary, and it’s natural to be cautious–especially as a project manager or chief marketing officer with performance metrics of your own to meet.

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A fresh coat of paint ushers in an opportunity to reflect, review, and lay the groundwork for the future. TalkingTree Creative is a full service event marketing and communications company that transforms brands and generates engaging experiences for a wide

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How Video Marketing Built an Entire Brand

When BH Cosmetics launched it’s first video marketing initiative in 2009, it was an online only retailer. Four years, 200,000 videos and 100 million views later, the cosmetics company is one of the main retailers in the lucrative 13 to

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YouTube Gets Better For App Developers

App developers looking for more data storage on YouTube got their wish recently. YouTube offers courtesy Data API (Application Programming Interface) units that allow app developers to upload a certain amount of videos and also regulate the amount of read

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Online Video Services: YouTube vs. Vimeo

In the world of online video, YouTube is far and away the number one player. According to, “Of the 182 million Americans who watched a streaming video in May [2013], 154.5 million watched it on YouTube.” This is a

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DIY Video Production: Not as Easy As it Seems!

With all of the access and availability to cheap video equipment and video programs such as iMovie, FinalCut, and online video editing programs such as Animoto, many companies are attempting to make and produce their own video content. While there

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The Benefits of an In-House Multimedia Department

Have you ever seen a video campaign for a company that has gone viral? Whether it’s a clever video or one that grabs people’s attention, it still ultimately conveys that company’s goals, identity and vision. These videos are a tool

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Delivering Your Companies Identity

There is nothing more important than a company’s identity. The values, culture and interests of a company is very important to consumers. It can facilitate the customers understanding of the brand and core values. Additionally, it can help the consumer

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The Importance of Using Video on the Web

If used correctly, a video can bring your website to life. In fact, videos are considered to be one of the best communication methods. It is much easier to understand something once it is visualized instead of reading words on

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How Testimonials Can Help your Business

Whether through word-of-mouth marketing, social media recommendations, or procured endorsements, one thing’s for sure: the success of your company relies heavily on the experiences others have had in doing business with you. Testimonials can go a long way in helping

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