The Importance of Using Video on the Web

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If used correctly, a video can bring your website to life. In fact, videos are considered to be one of the best communication methods. It is much easier to understand something once it is visualized instead of reading words on a screen. Additionally, a video excites your senses; it engages your eyes and ears to understand a message.

Why Video is a Good Idea

If it the product doesn’t already exist, you can bring it to life. How can you expect your audience to visualize the product or initiative that doesn’t exist yet? Show the audience exactly what to expect. This can get them excited about what you’re going to introduce to them.

‘Seeing something happen’ is more credible than reading about something that happened.

Watching someone endorse a product is more powerful than reading an endorsement in print. It can create an emotional attachment between the viewer and the product when the viewer sees how strongly other people feel about the product.

To effectively communicate a message, a video is the best platform for that. The moving images and sound provide the ability to feel an emotional connection. In addition, it’s the closest medium to reality, the viewers will be able to relate.

In a video, the tone is easily controlled. In order to convey an important message the tone can be made to align with the message. The tone and message would remain clear and not become muddled in with all the information.

Having a video on your site will provide a great advantage for search engine optimization (SEO). In 2007, Google integrated video into their universal search and since then websites with video have gained substantial SEO advantage. When a company integrates a relevant video that matches the website content, search engines find and index the video.

The benefits of including video on your site are vast. Videos on your site can give your business the exposure it needs that will help it to succeed in this competitive environment. By including informational and engaging videos online that people can see on your website, your business can build its reputation as a valuable resource for your clientele.

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