5 Common Questions about Commercial VR Applications

Commercial VR Applications

Grow your business and brand awareness with the help of commercial VR applications!

Virtual reality is nothing new for professionals in the tech industry, but it is something new for many business owners and consumers who have almost no experience with it. Many businesses are interested in the countless commercial VR applications currently available. Here are some of the most common questions that businesses just getting started with commercial VR applications have.

Is Virtual Reality Here to Stay?

This is, hands down, the most common commercial VR application question that we get. Just like consumers, business owners don’t want to waste their money investing in a new technology that is nothing but a flash in the pan. While there are still some people who believe that virtual reality isn’t going to stick around in the public consciousness, the actual data tells a totally different story. Many of the biggest technology companies throughout the globe are investing tons of cash into developing their commercial VR with new content and high-quality headsets including Facebook, Samsung, Google, and HTC. Virtual reality is definitely here to stay.

How Much Potential Is There in the VR Market?

If you include augmented reality commercial VR applications in addition to traditional virtual reality, the entire virtual reality industry has the potential to equal the mobile industry. A recent projection has shown that by 2020 (just three short years from now), augmented reality and virtual reality are expected to grow into a whopping $150 billion industry. This number would include millions and millions of people on virtual reality consoles, headsets, and mobile devices.

Should My Commercial VR Applications Use Live Action or CGI?

If you are creating a marketing campaign for your business, it’s important to consider whether you want to create it using live action or computer-generated images. The best way to get across the message of your marketing campaign is always by demonstrating the real life experiences, products, or environment that your business is offering. CGI is very cool and useful for projects where you want to create a realistic environment that is contained in a limited space, but 360 video may be the right choice if you are taking your user on a zip line through the mountains. Each project will have its own priorities which can guide these artistic choices. Your commercial VR applications should include immersive live action so that you can get your message across clearly and cleanly to the consumer.

How Can I Decide What to Show in My VR Campaign?

The best way to decide what to show as part of your commercial marketing campaign is to think about what sets your business apart from your competitors. Are you a concert venue? Use virtual reality to show off the view and allow consumers to walk from seat to seat to see exactly what their ticket purchase will get them. Is there an activity that you offer at your business, like zip lining or rock climbing? Showcase that in live action virtual or augmented reality. Any good commercial VR application should tell a story, engage the viewer, and give them more information about your brand.

How Can I Choose the Right Company to Guide My Commercial VR Decisions?

The increased demand and capabilities of augmented and virtual reality mean that more and more production studios are popping up throughout the country. If you are a small business or a gigantic corporation, you need to find the studio that will properly guide your vision and create the perfect final product for you. Always examine what types of projects the studio has done before and ask them to walk you through a typical timeline before making the choice. TalkingTree Creative can’t wait to work with your business!

Use Virtual Reality as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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