What is Experiential Marketing and How Can It Help My Brand?

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is quickly becoming an essential component of a successful brand marketing strategy.

Experiential marketing has been getting a lot of press recently, and for good reason. Brands are recognizing that it’s not enough simply to broadcast a message to their customer base. A more effective method is to engage all five of their senses and allow them to experience the brand. The customer experience is quickly becoming one of the main focal points of successful marketing efforts. But what is experiential marketing and how can you use it to further your brand awareness?

First, A Word on the Customer Experience

Before coming up with an experiential marketing plan, it’s worth understanding what we actually mean when we talk about the customer experience. Knowing this can help you pinpoint more exact strategies for your marketing plan. The customer experience is defined by Forrester as “every interaction, or touch point, your customer has with your brand. It not only includes the whats (the interactions), but also the hows (perceptions, feelings) the customer experiences.

In order to deliver a great customer experience, your organization will need to understand how to meet a customer’s expectations and needs. In addition, those expectations need to align with your brand’s value proposition. And everyone in your organization needs to buy in on this understanding for it to be effective.

What Is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing is the use of live experiences, often personalized to the individual customer, to drive engagement and further brand reach and awareness. It is a natural extension of the maxim “the customer is always right”. In fact, the maxim of experiential marketing is “the customer is in charge of the brand”. This means that the customer expects that brands will know what they like and desire and use this information to craft the experiences they crave.

How Can Experiential Marketing Help Your Brand?

The results of experiential marketing efforts truly speak for themselves. EMI’s Experiential Marketing Content Benchmarking Report from last year reported that 72% of consumers view brands that provide great event content experiences in a positive light. 74% are more likely to buy products promoted by the brand if they are being engaged with a marketing experience.

Millennials are the driving force behind this growth of the experience economy, broadly viewing experiences as preferable to things. By harnessing this knowledge, you can make experiential marketing a key component of your brand’s marketing strategy.


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