Making Your Event Appeal to All Five Senses

Making an Event Appeal to the Senses

When planning your next event, consider how to make it appeal to the five senses in order to make it more memorable.

Event attendees demand more engagement now than ever before. The process of creating a memorable event now requires planners to take all five senses into account. Seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching should all be carefully considered during the planning process in order to make an event stand out from the crowd. Here are some guidelines and suggestions to help you make your next event appeal to all five senses.


Appeal to your event attendees’ sense of sight by making effective use of stimulating visual content. Picture booths and virtual reality have been gaining momentum in the last couple of years as a creative way to engage the sense of sight. You can also make an event memorable by using video and creative lighting techniques. Don’t underestimate the power of social media! Holding a contest for the best video or photo from your event shared on social platforms can help deepen its impact.


Setting the proper soundtrack for your audience will help create the right mood in the atmosphere. Be sensitive to the effects of different styles and presentations of music on your attendees. Jazz, for instance, has been shown to reduce stress levels. Also, music performed live has an exciting aspect about it and is an incredibly memorable experience. Take the demographics of your audience into account when choosing music to stimulate their sense of hearing.


Catering is a critical part of a memorable event – everybody enjoys great food! When picking a caterer for your event, keep your event theme, audience demographic, and potential dietary restrictions and preferences in mind. Don’t be afraid to ask for free samples! If it makes you say “wow!”, chances are your attendees will think the same.


The sense of smell can also have an effect on the mood of an event. Luxury events often incorporate lavender scents because it calms a person down when they smell it. Take into account the way scents can alter perceptions of an event or work for you in creating a memorable event.


One of the new trends for events in 2017 incorporates touch into an augmented reality experience. For instance, event AV can use touchable water surfaces in their AR experience to create an experience guests will never forget!


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