How Nostalgia Marketing is Impacting Event Trends

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Nostalgia is shaping the way brands think about event marketing.

As the years go by, we all develop a certain fondness for days long past. “Nostalgia marketing” is the new buzzword for capturing the attention of millennial audiences. For example, in 2013 Microsoft released a video ad reintroducing Internet Explorer called, “Child of the ‘90s.” And earlier this year Adobe released a series of tutorial videos that paid homage to the beloved ‘80s painting guru, Bob Ross.

Why Is Nostalgia So Powerful?

A study from the Journal of Consumer Research indicates that people are more willing to pay for something when they are asked to think about the past. They’re also more likely to donate money after having recalled a particularly nostalgic event. Eliciting a sense of nostalgia is clearly an effective marketing strategy, but why is that exactly? Part of it is that when people look back they have a tendency to only remember the ‘good bits’ of how they felt at the time. Nostalgia is like viewing the past through rose-tinted spectacles, reducing feels of sadness and loneliness. Nostalgia also encourages social connectedness between groups of people, and increases individual empathy and charitable intend. This makes nostalgia particularly useful as a way of humanizing brands that may otherwise seem stiff and corporate.

Millennial Marketing

The great thing about nostalgia is that it can be used to target any demographic, but many event planners have realized its potential for marketing to millennials. In an age of impersonal digital media, nostalgia for positive memories and beloved icons is in many ways the holy grail of millennial marketing. “In my experience, clients are looking for experiences that take people to a bright place,” says Scott Miles, Chicago-based senior vice president of strategy and ideation for Mosaic, the company that helped produced a Pac-Man themed Bud Light activation during last year’s Super Bowl.

Travel Back in Time with TalkingTree

Next time you are brainstorming an event, perhaps you should try tapping into the power of nostalgia? Consider what kind of iconic trends would speak to your audience. TalkingTree Creative can help you deliver a compelling experience that takes your audience back to a lighter point in time.

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