Why It’s Important to Plan Your Production Project and Stick to a Schedule

Production Project Schedule

In order to ensure that your brand receives the highest quality production in a timely fashion, set your production project schedule and stick to it!

Here at TalkingTree Creative, we understand the profound importance your new production project can be to your overall marketing goals. We strive to create compelling productions that tell your brand’s story in a way that grabs a hold of your target audience and engages them on a deep level. Your video or event production deserves time and careful attention in order to achieve these goals, yet also needs to be completed on a deadline. Planning your production project in advance and sticking to a schedule will ensure that you receive the high-quality content your brand expects.

Last minute execution has become commonplace with many corporate event planners and the practice of delay has become an epidemic in corporate America. The reasons for delayed decisions vary – perfectionism, decision by committee, stakeholders who hesitate, and funds not being released in time are just some of the reasons cited. No matter the rationale, the habit of waiting until the last minute results in poorer quality productions and a needless waste of money.

Here are some other reasons why a production planning schedule is important.

Streamlining Production

TalkingTree Creative prides itself on producing the highest-quality productions for our clients. In order to turn out such great work, our team sticks to a schedule for every given project. This ensures that we give each production project the time and attention it needs and the results speak for themselves. When a project does not stick to a concrete schedule, processes can be needlessly interrupted, which may have negative consequences for the content and production overall.

Ensuring Quality

By having a clear understanding of your brand, its marketing strategy, and how a given project fits in with that strategy, you can create a plan to maximize your production’s engagement and company ROI. A thorough plan sets standards that everyone, from the brand to the production team, understands on a fundamental level. It ensures that you receive a finished production in a timely fashion which meets (and even exceeds) corporate expectations and sets your brand up for success.

Reduces Collateral Costs

Of course, time is money in the production world as well as the business world at large. By not keeping to a strict schedule during a production project, you may find that you’ll have to pay additional costs to turn a project over by the deadline. It costs more money to rush through a project, and that’s not even considering the lost revenue that might result from a poorly planned production project. To maximize your ROI and get the results you expect, it is best to set a project schedule and keep to it.


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