How 360 Video Makes Storytelling Personal

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With 360 video, you can live vicariously through the eyes of someone else.

Evidence suggests that videos shot in 360° are both more engaging and more memorable. When video is filmed from all angles, the viewer can see in front, behind and all around. This enables your audience to have a moment in which they can live vicariously through the eyes of your story’s protagonist, thus creating a stronger connection between the viewer and the story.

A New Kind of Story

Storytelling through 360 video is not read or seen, but experienced as if it were first-hand. Unlike traditional storytelling methods, 360 video lets viewers control where and what they see. That means we need to rethink what these stories are, and how they can be better delivered in a 360 environment. Not every story needs to be told through 360 video, but the one’s that are should take advantage of the medium to empower viewers with more freedom. The tradeoff for 360 video is that the story can’t be “directed”, but is instead much more immersive.

A Bigger Canvas

Just as brands had to adapt to using all the new social media platforms, it will take some adjustment to fully grasp how to effectively put 360 video to use. Liberty Mutual, for example, created a video quiz not unlike that of a choose-your-own-adventure novel. It began with a prompt, “It’s cold. It’s dark. Your car breaks down. What should you do?!” Then it let viewers select from several options to follow a stranded woman whose car broke down. Liberty Mutual essentially leveraged the power of choice to make the story more alive, powerful, and memorable for its audience. If your brand is going to use 360 video, it’s important to consider how you will take advantage of the platform’s larger canvas.

Potential Challenges

Making 360° video is no easy feat, and requires a lot of equipment and a dexterous editor. Instead of the camera coming to the action, action must come to the camera. If you edit too fast or move the camera too much, people get sick and disoriented. Although video professionals are still figuring out the best editing techniques, the reward of a more personal storytelling experience is well worth it for many brands.

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