What Makes Higher Speaker Fees Worth Your Investment?

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speaker fees
Investing in a quality speaker ensures a certain level of quality and commitment to your event.

Corporations and associations already invest tons of money into their meetings and conventions. Things like food, travel, decor, hotels, and lost man hours can add up quickly. But while expensive catering might make sure the food tastes great, putting your dollars towards a quality speaker can have a much greater impact on the success of your event as a whole. Even if the rest of your event is completely average, a good speaker might be the only thing your guests really remember. And the opposite holds true too: if your keynote speaker is lousy, people may perceive the entire conference as lousy.

How Much Should A Speaker Cost?

Finding price ranges for keynote speakers can be difficult and may vary greatly from speaker to speaker. Typically, speakers with less credentials might charge somewhere between $2500 and $3000, while more experienced and professional motivational speakers can range anywhere between $6,000 and $20,000. Big marquee names and superstars like athletes and ex-presidents will obviously cost substantially more.

Time, Knowledge, and Experience

So what exactly are you paying for when you invest in a speaker? A good speaker isn’t going to hold your hand throughout your entire event, but they are worth more bang for your buck. You are paying to have someone who is more knowledgeable and experienced on a particular subject give their time to your event. Remember that good speakers don’t just ‘wing it’. They may take a week, if not longer, to prepare for a talk. A higher speaking fee will also change your relationship from something mostly voluntary to that of business. As such, you can expect a certain level of commitment and dedication that you won’t otherwise get.

Negotiating Speaker Rates

It can’t hurt to ask when you’re trying to determine speaker rates, but keep in mind that you’re looking for a professional and not someone that is the “used car salesman” of the speaker world. Sometimes speaker fees will be set in stone, while other speakers may give a discount for working on multiple programs or are willing to “trade out” for certain goods or services. A local speaker will also cost much less than someone that needs to travel out for an event.

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