How to Use Retargeting to Grow Your Event Audience

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Retargeting is an online marketing technique that can bring more attendees to your next event!

Last week we discussed some of the ways you could convert your event website visitors into paying ticket buyers. All of the best practices listed there are essential for drawing in a potential event audience and driving up revenues. But suppose some of your potential event attendees are on the fence about buying a ticket. How do you nudge them towards attending your event? Retargeting is a fantastic method to utilize which most event planners don’t even realize is an option for them. What is retargeting and how can it help grow your event audience?

Digital Advertising

Most people have spent time browsing online retail sites like Amazon for products. Have you ever shopped for something online only to find those products suddenly appear on ads on seemingly unrelated sites or on Facebook? It seems like magic, but in reality, that’s an online advertising technique called retargeting. Businesses that use this method are hoping that potential customers will eventually decide to purchase those products if they see them pop up again and again during their web surfing.

How Retargeting Works

Your event website can be set up with trackers that follow your site visitors as they navigate your site. These trackers will record the specific pages they visit, how long they spend on each page, and their IP addresses. Then, a digital marketing platform can help event planners bid on ad exchanges in a process known as real-time bidding. When a web user visits a website with retargeting ads, a split-second auction is held to determine which ads load on that particular page.

How Retargeting Benefits Event Planners

Event planners can utilize this form of digital advertising to grow their event audience and increase ticket sales. It is a highly targeted method that will reach your potential event attendees who may need a little nudge to get them to commit to purchasing a ticket to your event. In the weeks leading up to an event, those who have shown more interest in it (by visiting your event page a few times) may be persuaded to attend with the help of retargeting ads.


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