Convert Your Site Visitors into Event Ticket Buyers with These Tips

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Converting Ticket Buyers
A coherent event brand strategy is a must for converting site visitors into paying ticket buyers.

We’ve talked before about how important your content is to the success of your events. Creating audience-centric content is the key to creating momentum for your event and increasing attendance from year to year. Once you’ve caught the eye of potential attendees for your event, you’ll need to have a strategy for converting them into paying ticket buyers. Higher conversion rates mean higher revenues and happier clients! Lower your bounce rates and get those site visitors to buy event tickets with these three tips.

1. Match Event Page Design to Marketing Aesthetics

Consistent marketing visuals across all of your materials is a must in order to build credibility and trust with your potential audience and make your event more memorable to them. Use a suitable color scheme with colorful photos and quick videos to engage and interest your potential ticket buyers. According to a study conducted by Loyola University, intentional usage of colors increases brand recognition by up to 80%. Use this knowledge and tailor your page according to your event’s brand to turn more of your site visitors into ticket buyers.

2. Keep your Event Details Simple

When you write the site content for your event information page, the best approach is to tell a compelling story and highlight crucial details. However, make sure that this copy is straightforward and easy to read! Write as though you are speaking directly to your prospective attendees and use action verbs in your call-to-action to make it more compelling.

3. Make the Call-to-Action Clear

Your prospective ticket buyers have seen your beautiful web page with your compelling event description and they’re totally sold on your event! Now what? If your converted leads don’t know where to go from this point, you stand the chance of losing their business. Make sure your call-to-action is clearly placed on your page so they know exactly where they need to go to buy their tickets. Also, audit the ticket-buying process on your site. The fewer number of clicks needed to buy a ticket, the higher your conversion rate will be, as there will be fewer steps where your prospective ticket buyers could change their minds.


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