4 Strategies for Capturing The Attention of Next-Gen Attendees of Events

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Next-Gen Attendees
Events will see more next-gen attendees as the workforce skews younger – make sure your brand has a plan to capture their attention!

The average age of attendees at corporate events is trending downward as more next-gen attendees flood the labor force. Next-gen attendees have much different values than we are accustomed to, but this fact represents a big opportunity for brands who recognize it and adapt their event planning strategies to try and capture their attention. Looking for ways to do so for your brand? Here are four related strategies to implement as you start planning your next event.

1. The Mid-Career-Professional Demographic is Key

Many companies plot out their event attendance and engagement according to age, and this does have some usefulness, but it is not sufficient in itself. A very useful demographic to chart is the mid-career-professional. Charting professionals who are ten to twenty years into their careers is a great way to plan your event with sustainability in mind.

2. Labels Matter

Next-gen attendees place a high value on creating a community where active collaboration is encouraged. You’ll want to keep this in mind as you market and brand your event. Terms such as “young professionals” and “beginners” do not speak to them. Instead, consider using a term like “future leaders” to refer to your next-gen attendees and you should see a deeper level of engagement with them as a result.

3. Don’t Box People In

Similarly, next-gen attendees are highly sensitive to the ways some companies segment and divide groups of people. There’s a certain perception out there about “Millennials,” they feel, that obscures a basic fact – society as a whole is rapidly evolving and, in their eyes, improving. Instead of focusing on what divides, consider what unifies your attendees together and play to that.

4. Make Your Leadership Team Available

Hierarchy and exclusivity are not highly valued by younger event attendees, so your team will need to make adjustments to the way it presents its main program. Don’t limit attendance of this main portion by making it invitation or insider-only – rather, open up and make your leadership team available to everyone. Next-gen attendees will notice and appreciate your transparency.


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