3 Technologies Set to Revolutionize Events in 2018

Events Technology 2018

Which new technologies are going to rock the events industry this upcoming year? Read on for more information!

Every new year brings excitement in the event industry. Technology continues to evolve as new challenges are identified and the needs of attendees are addressed. However, there’s something particularly exciting about the potential for 2018. VR and AR tech is advancing rapidly and being implemented in innovative ways. In addition, other technologies are exploding onto the scene and are set to make us rethink the way we approach events in the coming year. Here are three worth exploring in greater detail.

1. Passive Intelligence

We’ve noticed a huge growth in devices that utilize passive intelligence over the past year. Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, along with others connected to the internet (the Internet of Things) provide users with convenient ways to stay connected at all times. Given that experiential marketing has been a hot topic in the events industry over the past year, we should see more brands using passive intelligence to engage their attendees on a deep level in 2018. The key for success will be creativity in application and execution.

2. Data Analysis

Developing effective strategies for your event shouldn’t be done in a vacuum. Analytics tools help brands get concrete data about their attendees – this data can then be used to predict future results. R.F.I.D. tags have been one way to gather this data: we should see further development on this front. In addition, interfacing with social media analytics should allow an even greater depth of analysis to help events planners better set up their brands for success.

3. LED Lighting

It may not seem quite as exciting as cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, but LED lighting has been making huge strides over the years. The special effects possible with LED are getting to be much more impressive than they were even just a couple of years ago. And savvy brands understand that lighting details cannot be overlooked when formulating a successful marketing strategy for their events. Thanks to new developments in the field, LED can be applied to work for your brand in myriad ways.


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