How Live Streaming Can Bring Your Brand Into the Digital Age

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Live streaming is an essential technology for reaching your audience in the digital age.

Live streaming video online is a rapidly growing medium. In recent years, there has been unprecedented access to content. Audiences are becoming accustomed to watching video content from mobile devices and computers. Whether it’s an event or your own custom video content, live streaming can help your brand cut through the noise and reach your consumers. And you can still benefit from video on demand because live streams are routinely posted for later access on VOD.


Live video enables consumers to connect with brands in a more authentic, direct, and spontaneous way. With live streaming, a face to face, real time experience can be shared with customers and employees all around the world. It captures a sense of community that many businesses are desperate to create for their brand. Live streaming can also provide value by making the content exclusive, guaranteeing that viewers are the first to see your content or product.

Social Experience

You may have a Twitter, a Facebook, and an Instagram, but nothing quite matches the power of having someone right next to you. It’s also worth noting that many modern social networks are putting the power of live streaming at the fingertips of their consumers. When Facebook launched Facebook Live, its live streaming video platform, earlier this year, they also announced that their feed algorithm would prioritize livestreams. This means that live streamed content is an incredibly effective strategy for brands that are hungry for a larger audience.

Consumer Response

One the greatest advantages of live streaming is that it allows viewers to engage with an event in real time. Facebook shared that their users spend up to 3x more time and comment 10x more on live video content. Simply posting a video after an event misses out on a critical opportunity to receive feedback from your audience. Some ways that brands are taking advantage of live streaming to interact with consumers in 2016 include:

  • Q&A’s and direct conversations with customers and audiences.
  • Featured product announcements or launches.
  • Featured guest speakers partnering with a brand.
  • Behind-the-scenes video content for loyal fans and audiences.

Live Streaming Events from TalkingTree Creative

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