4 Creative Ways to Boost the ROI of a Video

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Boosting ROI of a Video
Boost the ROI of your video content by repurposing it into new formats. Learn how below!

You spend a lot of time, effort, and budget into making your corporate video the best that it can be. And after all of that hard work, it is really exciting to see your video go live and garner great engagement from your target audience. But do you have a plan in place to make the most out of your creation? The most successful marketing professionals put their content to work for them by maximizing their return on investment and utilizing it in various ways. How can you boost the ROI of your new video? Here are four creative ways to atomize your content.

1. Infographics

Infographics are very popular on social media for good reason. They pack a lot of essential content into one easy-to-read picture file. In addition, case studies have shown that on Facebook infographics receive more engagement on average than a standard text-with-picture post. By getting creative with your design team, you can easily create a sharable graphic that your audience on social media will love.

2. Blog Posts

Another great way to boost the ROI of your video content is to implement it into a blog post of some kind. While it’s difficult to write a blog post from watching a video, you can make the job easier for your writer by providing a transcription of the video. Once posted on your website, promote it aggressively on your social channels and email marketing to further boost your video content’s ROI.

3. Short-Form Videos

You can also chop up your long-form video into smaller bits which you can use to focus on hyper-specific audiences or present your content in different contexts. In addition, you can make your content work overtime by using it as the basis to create new short-form videos.

4. Quizzes

Social media users, especially younger users, love to take quizzes and many actually go viral. Use your video content as the basis for a quiz so you can learn more about your target audience and tailor your next big piece of content according to their needs!


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