How Testimonials Can Help your Business

Whether through word-of-mouth marketing, social media recommendations, or procured endorsements, one thing’s for sure: the success of your company relies heavily on the experiences others have had in doing business with you. Testimonials can go a long way in helping

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Benefits of Webcasts: How a Virtual Event can Help your Business

The Internet has the capacity to help your business go global, and a webcast is just another means of broadcasting your brand online for viewers to see. Using streaming media technology, a webcast is a media presentation – whether live

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Why You Need a Fundraiser Video to Support your Cause

Funds don’t raise themselves, and good causes generally rely on the charitable, financial support of others to succeed. Patrons pull out their pocketbooks and make donations when they’ve been struck by the importance of what it is you need money

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Digital Media Event Production at Hughes’ Annual Meeting: A Full Body Experience

  Imagine being part of an audience encircled by a 125-foot wrap-around media screen and in the middle, a multi-level stage.  Then, think of the sensory immersion you’d experience as that screen set aglow with nearly fifty successive video and

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Top Creative Event and Video Production Companies in Maryland and Washington, DC

Named by Clutch as a top creative and video production agency.
Global Champion 2023 | Baltimore Article
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