Why You Need a Fundraiser Video to Support your Cause

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Funds don’t raise themselves, and good causes generally rely on the charitable, financial support of others to succeed. Patrons pull out their pocketbooks and make donations when they’ve been struck by the importance of what it is you need money to do – and convincing them of that demands powerful persuasion.  Here are some of the top reasons why we think you need a fundraiser video to support your cause:

Tell your story: Inspire people to rally around your cause with a compelling narrative that explains what makes your organization unique. Video can do that in a way that almost no other medium can, resonating with viewers on an emotional level, and moving them to act.

Appeal to Digital Consumers: In the digital age, we consume information in small, digestible doses. Video fits with this trend, where information is conveyed in a visually engaging and succinct manner. It’s a lot easier to get potential donors to click on a video than to sift through a letter that tries to solicit money.

Go Viral: Imagine this: you post your video on your cause’s Facebook page. Fans “like” it. Some are so touched that they share it with their friends. Before you know it, the video is showing up on News Feeds everywhere, and hitting more and more views every day.

Check out this Heart of America fundraising video we produced to support the organization’s cause to provide low-income kids with books in their home and school libraries.

Inspired to make a difference? We thought so.

TalkingTree Creative can help your cause raise the money it needs and find volunteers who will donate their valuable time with high-quality production fundraising videos. Contact us today to get started!

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