What Draws Us to Online Video?

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We’ve talked plenty in our blog about the popularity of online video as a powerful marketing tool. The dominance of YouTube along with the newfound popularity of other video platforms like Instagram and Vine for marketing are a testament to how much people enjoy and respond to video. You can read our blog on why videos are shared more than text (link) for more information on why text is out and videos are in.

So what is it that draws us to online video? Why is it that a video-content marketing approach is both more popular and has a greater chance at engaging its target market? According to behavioral psychologist Susan Weinschenk, there are four big reasons people are more likely to engage with video.


What Draws Us to Online Video?



  1. Facial Cues – Your brain is programmed to hone in on what’s called the Fusiform Facial area. Basically, you use this area to gather information based on facial cues. This information could not be transmitted with text, and is processed on a different, more profound level.
  2. Voice – The sound and tone of the human voice also conveys information that would not come through with text. By adjusting tone of voice, you can fundamentally adjust the information being conveyed and the interaction with the viewer.
  3. Emotions – People have a strong response to emotions. When they see the subjects of a video displaying emotions, they respond to this on a very fundamental level, and are more likely to identify with it.
  4. Movement – While text and images are static, videos are dynamic and constantly changing, which means the viewer has to be more engaged in order to follow what’s happening. Movement is very important in gaining and keeping the viewer’s attention throughout the video.


Watch Dr. Weinschenk’s video here to hear her in-depth explanations of these concepts, and how they draw us in to video.

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