How Apple’s Entry into Augmented Reality Will Revolutionize the Marketing World

Augmented reality is nothing new, but augmented reality in the pockets of every iPhone 8 owner in the country certainly is! With Apple’s newest iPhone model, they are promising to revolutionize the marketing world and make augmented reality a potent

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3 Modern Event Production Trends Experiencing Huge Growth This Year

In recent years, event production has grown beyond the typical audio-visual experience. Of course, monitors, microphones, and lighting still play an important part in producing a great event, but new production trends are growing as quickly as the technology develops.

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Latest Projections Show AR and VR Spending to Double this Year

Although virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have been around for a while, consumers seemed to regard them as little more than novelty experiences. That is set to change in a big way this year: according to a new

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Top Creative Event and Video Production Companies in Maryland and Washington, DC

Named by Clutch as a top creative and video production agency.
Global Champion 2023 | Baltimore Article
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