The Benefits of an In-House Multimedia Department

Have you ever seen a video campaign for a company that has gone viral? Whether it’s a clever video or one that grabs people’s attention, it still ultimately conveys that company’s goals, identity and vision. These videos are a tool

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Using Independent Producers vs. an AV Company

Planning a major event for your company can be a daunting task. There are multiple factors that go into planning an event, such as sound, lighting, video, seating, etc.  One method that is used for event planning is hiring AV

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Delivering Your Companies Identity

There is nothing more important than a company’s identity. The values, culture and interests of a company is very important to consumers. It can facilitate the customers understanding of the brand and core values. Additionally, it can help the consumer

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Top Creative Event and Video Production Companies in Maryland and Washington, DC

Named by Clutch as a top creative and video production agency.
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