Using Short Format Video to Build Customer Engagement

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Short Form VideoEveryone knows that video is one of the most powerful tools in business communication, and that its role in marketing is growing exponentially. This raises a question, though: How, exactly, should we go about using video to take advantage of these trends and communicate more effectively?

One key is to use short format (or short form) video, which usually involves creating clips that range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. Shorter videos can be easier to produce and can encourage you to get into a routine that ultimately embeds video into your regular communications program.

And that’s an essential goal: You need to create videos with the same ease that you publish blog articles or send out new offers via email. In short, it still requires a strong professional touch, but it shouldn’t require days and weeks of production work and long lead-times to provide each one.

Here are five ways you can use short format video to build customer engagement today:

1. Let customer service personnel record short videos about common questions.

Many of your customers or clients may routinely experience the same points of confusion or key questions, and no doubt you’ve published one or more Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) articles to address these concerns.

At the same time, when you yourself perform a Google search to answer a question, chances are that if a YouTube video pops up with an answer, you’re going to watch that first, then read narrative articles only if the video doesn’t answer your question. The same is true for your customers! In addition, letting your customer service team present on the videos will create intimacy with customers and tighten employee engagement to boot.

2. Interview customers about their experience.

Customer testimonials and case studies are essential to your business, no doubt. It’s time to put them on video and let today’s customers speak directly to tomorrow’s customers on your behalf. Your credibility will skyrocket, and your existing customers will love being featured on a video.

3. Let customers post their own videos, and encourage them to do it.

If you sell products, run a contest to encourage customers to post “unboxing” videos and use a hashtag to promote them. If you sell services, ask customers to record a “real-world” moment when your services made a serious impact for the better. After collecting these, work with your video production partner to create a professionally produced ‘show reel’ that showcases each customer’s self-submitted content in the best light.

4. Take your show on the road.

Take your product announcements and partner updates out of the office, and go on the road with a small team and a video crew to capture your leaders meeting with customers and partners in the field, sharing major announcements or collecting real-world feedback. Then, edit and produce a beautiful impact video that showcases how your business is making a difference every day in its customers’ lives.

5. Produce live workshop sessions.

From WebEx and GoToMeeting webinars to Skype sessions, Google Hangouts, YouTube Live events and more – your business has numerous opportunities to engage in real time with the marketplace. Make sure to include live video in these sessions, and then publish key highlights in online video snippets that customers can search and view over time.

Short format video is a key capability that can revolutionize communications in your business. Start today with one or more of these easy-to-implement techniques!

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