Beyond Talking Heads: 3 Ways to Build Better Business Videos

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online video marketing trendsVideo is a powerful resource that you can harness in many different ways to drive the growth of your business. The key is to view video as a dynamic and flexible tool that you can use, rather than as a static, standalone thing that you create. Here are three ways you can get to the next level in creating videos with impact for your business:

1. Change the head that’s talking.

So many business and nonprofit videos feature the CEO of the company or another executive, extolling the virtues of the company, product or cause. On the rare occasion that your CEO has a truly compelling story to tell (rags-to-riches, overcoming adversity, having been a customer before creating the business), this may be worthwhile. Other than that, chances are it’s not. It’s far better to feature your customers, clients, partners and end users as they tell their stories (and tell yours for you in the process).

2. Use motion graphics to expand and explain.

Dynamic graphics, coupled with effective voiceover narration (performed by a professional, not by you), can explain your solution or expand on your message in less time, and with more impact. Remember that in video, even 30 seconds is an eternity. Use design and motion to overcome this barrier by making the video move at a rapid pace and carry the viewer through your key messaging points.

3. Less complex, shorter length, greater frequency.

Speaking of messaging, the evidence is in: Video is more powerful when it’s done regularly, and when each individual video in a series is shorter than it would otherwise have been. Two 45-second videos are more effective than one 90-second one, so when in doubt, divide your content and set up a series. Better yet, combine that with a streaming or lightly edited recording with tips or key points that you can distribute via email and social media on a regular basis. In reality, video today is like desktop publishing yesterday, in that you now have the power to produce right on your desktop.

More and more, video (both recorded and live streaming) is defining how people engage with, perceive and respond to brands and messages. Use these three techniques to build and execute a more effective and impactful video strategy for your business, association or nonprofit today.

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