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Thought 15 seconds was short? Try 6. Formally introduced as a mobile app a little over a year ago, Vine is Twitter’s equivalent to Instagram’s (which is owned by Facebook) video feature. Except, there are a few key differences. Most notably, the length of the video. Vine videos have a limit of 6 seconds in length, less than half of Instagram’s videos (which are now being referred to as Instavids). Vine also has a more DIY feel than Instagram, as it lacks image stabilization, and videos loop repeatedly when played, giving them more the feel of a .gif than a video.

Six seconds may seem like a short time, but in today’s online culture where viewers will leave a video if it doesn’t start playing in 2 seconds, 6 seconds starts to seem like a useable time frame. Vine’s video length gives marketers an interesting, if limited, paradigm in which to work that certainly forces some creative and innovative thinking in regards to content creation. Let’s talk about two companies which have been able to take advantage of Vine’s format with an out of the box approach for some potential inspiration.

Lowe’s made a splash with it’s #FixInSix campaign. The Vine video marketing campaign features 6 second clips on various small home improvement tips, using stop motion clips to maximize the images shown in the time allotted. One video, for example, showed how to drill holes without producing drill dust. The campaign ended up getting significant engagement and even made some headlines online.

General Electric is most likely not the first name that comes to mind when it comes to social media marketing geared at 20-somethings, but they’ve been very active on their Instagram and Vine accounts. Their #6SecondScienceFair campaign got tons of engagement by asking users to submit 6 second videos of simple and interesting science projects they came up with; rocket ships made out of tea bags, for example. Over 600 people submitted videos, and GM later released a compilation video which garnered 800,000 views.

So, while it might be non-traditional, video marketing is certainly possible on Vine. Stay tuned for our blog next week featuring a comparison of Vine and Instagram as short video marketing platforms.

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