Short Video Marketing: Vine vs. Instagram

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It has never been a more exciting time to be engaged in online video marketing. YouTube may still be the largest hub of video marketing activity, but other platforms are putting their stamp on the online video marketing landscape, and both marketers and consumers are taking notice. Two of these platforms, Instagram and Vine, are making waves with their unique paradigms that force marketers to fundamentally change their approach to online video marketing. Companies that have been successful have used innovative out-of-the-box thinking to reach their base. In this week’s blog, we’ll compare the two most popular short video marketing platforms, Instagram and Vine, and determine which, if any, comes out ahead.

Short Video Face-Off

First of all, a brief refresher. Instagram and Vine are both social media platforms where users generate videos to share with their friends. What makes them unique is their self-imposed time limits. Instagram limits users to 15 seconds of video and Vine to just 6. While some balked at this notion initially, those who have worked with it have found that there is still time to get the desired message across. And with many people clicking off of long videos before they finish watching, a short video may actually be more successful at engaging viewers, who otherwise would have lost interest.

Instagram: Plenty of Options

Instagram’s video has several features that Vine lacks. First and foremost, a longer record time. It also allows users to delete the last clip for easy editing of several clips into its 15 second time frame. It offers a variety of filters that add a nice artistic aesthetic to the video, and also offers image stabilization so shaky hands don’t degrade the video’s quality. Instagram also has a much larger user base than Vine, which means more potential eyes for your video. Because it’s owned by Facebook, Instagram’s videos play in Facebook itself. Vine links direct the viewer to a new link outside of Facebook.

Vine: Less is More

Vine has certainly adapted the less is more approach, and as a member of the Twitter family, which pioneered this concept, this isn’t surprising. A fledgling Twitter had plenty of doubters, but the social media platform has turned its strict character limit into a cultural phenomenon, and Vine is hoping to follow suit.

Vine offers no video filters, no image stabilization, no clip deleting, and 9 seconds less recording time than Instagram. But, what it lacks, it makes up for in other ways. Vine videos are embeddable, making them easy to insert directly into a website. They also loop automatically, so the viewer doesn’t even have to click replay to watch it again. Their stripped-down aesthetic can really hit home with the right base, and you can be almost positive than anyone will watch your 6 second video to the end.



So who takes the prize? It’s a close race, but in terms of objective criteria such as functionality and options available to the user, Instagram has a leg up on Vine. While Vine shouldn’t be overlooked, Instagram’s 15 seconds of video is a lot more time to work with than 6. And with filters, image stabilization and better editing capabilities, Instagram gives the user more options to craft their desired package.


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