The Role of Video in Marketing Automation

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With the rise of social media, blogs and other outlets, marketing automation has become about much more than just management of email marketing. Marketing automation 2.0 uses analytics to track leads as they move around all of your brand’s outlets and not only passively track their engagement but actively promote it with the goal of converting the lead into a sale. Videos are an integral part of your brand’s marketing strategy, and the strategic placement of videos on all of your outlets combined with the active role of marketing automation is essential in lead conversion.


The Role of Video in Marketing Automation




We’ve written a lot on our blog about how video is more engaging than written content for your brand, and the numbers bear this out. White papers may seem like good content to provide, but the reality is that no matter how informative, well-crafted, and thoughtful your reports are, many of those who you’re targeting don’t have the time to sit down and read through them. Furthermore, those who do may be disappointed. “71 percent of all consumers have been disappointed by [white paper] content they have downloaded,” according to ClickZ. Videos are short, to the point, informative, and engaging on a number of levels that written content simply can’t reach.


The ability of marketing automation software to track the progress of leads across your brand’s online presence can be coupled with video to drive conversion rates. If a lead watches only a few seconds of one of your videos (A) but watches another in its entirety (B), marketing automation can serve up videos that are more closely related to video B as the lead browses, keeping the lead interested and moving through the funnel.


Continuing to supply leads with engaging, unique video content as they move through the funnel is a strategy that maximizes the possibility of conversion. Having video content is one thing, but having lots of original and unique content is another. The more videos you can provide, the more authority you create for your brand. This in turn creates trust between leads and your brand, which is essential in conversions.

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