Facebook Increases Emphasis on Video Marketing

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Facebook is constantly changing, and in recent months it has been making some changes that video marketers should consider when planning and implementing their video campaigns on the site. This is in no small part due to the increasing popularity and number of videos viewed on Facebook, as the social media network reported recently that the number of people who watch videos on the site has doubled in just the first half of this year. Here are a few things Facebook has been up to that stand to benefit video marketers.

Video Marketing on Facebook

Metrics and Analytics

Metrics and analytics will be available for videos that are uploaded directly to the site (as opposed to those that are hosted on an external site such as YouTube and linked to on Facebook). This includes total views, a retention graph that shows which parts of videos were most popular, and demographic information related to the viewer total including age groups and genders.


Facebook has taken several steps to improve the usability of the site for online video marketers. Most recently, the company acquired LiveRail, “an advertising technology company that helps video publishers and marketers show relevant ads to consumers watching online video.” Facebook also started offering Premium Video Ads in March to a select group of advertisers, which play automatically in viewers’ newsfeeds.

Video Oriented Newsfeeds

Speaking of newsfeeds, Facebook has also been tweaking its newsfeed to ensure that people who like watching videos on the site see more of them. People who watch videos uploaded by their friends and by brands on their newsfeeds will now see even more video content thanks to adjustments that were made in June.

Facebook video marketing

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