Online Video Content Ideas

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We’ve talked plenty on our blog about the importance of having a video presence online for your brand. But what’s equally important is the content of your videos. Having videos online is one thing, but having videos that people want to watch is what really propels your video marketing strategy forward and creates the following that you want to achieve. SEO optimization and social media strategies are important, but they’re nothing without quality content. A dedicated video production arm can help you create and product unique content that draws in viewers and keeps them coming back for more. Let’s discuss a few online video content ideas that will inform, excite, and engage your target audience.

Online Video Content Ideas


The Explainer Video

We covered the explainer video in a recent blog, but its an idea that bears repeating. Explainer videos are your company’s elevator pitch in the form of a video. Just about everyone has an explainer video these days, which is why it’s important to (A) focus on what makes you company unique, and (B) differentiate your explainer from others by making it artistically unique.

Case Studies

A case study video gives you the opportunity to demonstrate a real-world application and success of your product or service. Ask a client if they would be interested in participating in your video. The exposure for them and the platform for you to show a success story to potential clients is a win-win. The case study is similar to the testimonial video, only instead of focusing on talking heads, go for a video that shows real-world footage of your success to create a stronger emotional connection with your audience.

The Myth Buster

In every industry there are myths that somehow persist and are accepted as fact, especially by outsiders who may not be intimately familiar with the industry. Take it upon yourself to discredit these myths and provide your viewers with the actual truth of the matter. Not only will this establish your brand as an authority, it will also build trust, a crucial component of any business relationship.

Behind the Scenes

Everyone likes a behind the scenes look at the way things work, so take your viewers behind the scenes and show them the inner workings and culture of your organization. This type of video is great for humanizing your organization and connecting to your audience on a more personal, emotional level.

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