Explaining the Explainer Video

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The explainer video is one of the most important videos your business can make. Your ultimate pitch, the explainer video is the video that goes on the homepage of your website. It’s designed to be the first thing someone visiting your website sees. If it’s made correctly, it will be the first of many things a visitor will see.


Why the Explainer Video?

The purpose of the explainer video is to explain to potential customers what it is your business does. Video has become the preferred format for this purpose, as more and more people are less likely to read paragraphs of text and more likely to watch a video that covers the same information.

One thing that’s important to remember about the explainer video is that because they are so ubiquitous, in many industries they have become monotonous and unoriginal. It’s important to have an explainer video, but it’s equally important to differentiate it by making it artistically unique. You can accomplish this with the help of a professional video production company.


The Three Components of the Explainer Video


  • Problem/Solution – The clients you’re targeting have a problem. You have the solution. Identify this dichotomy clearly and succinctly to open the video.
  • Value – Now, it’s time to make it clear what sets you apart from competitors that offer the same solution. You don’t want a laundry list of your services, just a few key points that are worth including.
  • Call To Action – Now that customers know what it is you do and how you do it, it’s time to make the call the action by encouraging them to browse your website or sign up for your mailing list.

  • The Explainer Video Should Not


  • Use Jargon – Using jargon is an easy way to lose your audience’s attention. Keep it simple.
  • Be Too Long – As far as holding an audience’s attention span goes, short videos are the way to go. The more succinct you can keep your explainer video, the better.
  • Leave Viewers Hanging – A vague or non-existant call to action can be the death of a video, even if the first two parts are well done. Make the call to action strong and clear.

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