5 Ways to Incorporate Video in Your Business’s Social Media Strategy

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As of 2021, the number of online buyers is over 2 billion, which means one in four people all over the globe is an online shopper. The majority of these buyers conduct online research before making their purchases. In fact, about two-thirds of shoppers today use social media as part of their shopping strategy. When you combine that with the fact that 72% of customers prefer to learn about goods and services via videos, it’s pretty clear that social media video marketing is a must-have for your business strategy.

Chances are, you have the ingredients of a great social video. You just need to know how to put them together and get them to the table.

What is Social Media Video Marketing?

As social platforms continue to add more features, it can be difficult to keep track of what video content can be uploaded where. For example, Instagram offers the most options for video with feed videos, Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Reels. That’s a lot to remember! Check out the list below for an up-to-date summary of social platforms and their current video offerings. 


  • Landscape and portrait feed video
  • Livestreaming (Facebook Live)
  • Facebook Stories (disappearing content)


  • Landscape and portrait feed video
  • Livestreaming (Instagram Live)
  • Instagram Stories (disappearing content)
  • Instagram TV (IGTV) long-form content
  • Instagram Reels short-form content


  • Landscape and portrait feed video
  • Livestream
  • Stories content (Twitter Fleets)


  • Landscape feed video
  • Livestream


  • Landscape video
  • Portrait video (may use pillarboxing on some uploads)
  • Livestreaming
  • Short videos (portrait)


  • Portrait feed videos


  • Portrait feed video

You can utilize multiple types of videos for different social platforms. For example, you can create a video on how you founded the company, product overviews, how-to guides, commercials, and more. Keep reading to discover 5 different ways you can incorporate video into your business’s social media strategy and how TalkingTree Creative can help you produce high-quality content to attract buyers and nurture existing ones.

1. Interviews

Interviews are a great way to pull in industry experts and provide a little more authenticity to your brand. It’s also a good opportunity to get in front of more viewers if the person you interview is outside of your company and posts the video to their own social media platforms. 

Interviews are also flexible because you can post the full interview as a long-form video on IGTV or your feed, or you can take highlights from the interview and put them together in an Instagram Reel that points viewers to go to your profile or website to watch the full video. 

2. Meet the Team 

You can have fun with this type of video and make it in the POV of someone who is visiting your office. It can include a tour around your company’s office where you pop in to team member’s offices and they introduce themselves and describe their role in the company. This could be a great idea for a live stream video on Facebook or Instagram, or an Instagram Story video that you can archive and add to a highlighted album on your profile. 

Another idea is to make it a more produced, long-form video that you can put on your “Meet the Team” landing page on your website. For example, check out this video we made about our team at TalkingTree Creative.

3. Client Testimonials 

Client or customer testimonials are crucial to any marketing strategy. In fact, 93% of customers read online reviews and/or testimonials before making a purchase. Customer testimonial videos can show how a customer uses your product or service and their satisfaction with it operate on a connection level: ideally, a potential customer will see themselves in that video and be persuaded to purchase. Take a look at the video below for a great example of a client testimonial video from one of our clients.

4. Product Overviews

When you’re introducing a new product or line to potential customers, they want to understand not only the ins and outs of how your product works, but also why they should take the plunge to trust your company and product. While a sales rep standing by to demonstrate the product and answer questions is important, the addition of multimedia product rollout video can complement and elevate the effectiveness of your product rollout campaign. Check out this product overview video we produced for our client, Digi-Pet!

5. Ads

Social media video ads require a slightly different approach than the videos you create for your Stories or feed. For example, video ads that you upload to platforms like Facebook Ads Manager have specific requirements like video format, video length, and more. 

When creating your video content for an ad, you first want to define your business goal and target audience. For instance, are you trying to build brand awareness or generate leads? Are you looking for people to sign up for a specific event or purchase a specific product? One you’ve decided on your goal, you’ll want to make sure your video has a call to action that takes viewers to a designated landing page or social media profile. 

Additionally, in Facebook Ads Manager you can choose your budget, audience, placements, and optimization. The platform takes this information and uses it to display your ads to specific users. Using social media ads along with your organic posts is a great way to get your content in front of more people, including potential followers and customers. Check out this ad we made for our client, Hughes!

Let Us Help You With Your Business’s Social Media Video Strategy 

At TalkingTree Creative, we know how to bring cinema-grade videos to your social media page. From writing the script to promoting the final product, our in-house video gurus have your social media video needs covered. Get in touch with us to get started on your social media video marketing strategy.

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