Showcasing the Power of Strategic Creative in Corporate Events

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showcasing strategic creative
At TalkingTree Creative, our focus on producing successful corporate events is built on a process we call Strategic Creative. By using this framework to plan and produce each event for our clients, we ensure that clients achieve not only the goal of entertaining and engaging their audience, but also the business or messaging objectives behind it.

The Strategic Creative approach is built around seven elements we call the Layers of the Experience. In summary, they are:

> Layer One – Audience 
> Layer Two – Message & Theme 
> Layer Three – Story 
> Layer Four – Framework 
> Layer Five – Environment 
> Layer Six – Content 
> Layer Seven – Execution

When a client works with the TalkingTree Creative team, they know that they will be guided through a planning and thinking process that addresses these seven layers, ensuring that nothing will be missed. Here are three examples of how Strategic Creative leads to greater success in corporate events:

Unifying a Global Community at the Hughes Annual Sales & Marketing Meeting

Hughes Communications is a $1.5+ Billion enterprise and a world leader in satellite communications technology. The Hughes Annual Sales & Marketing Meeting is a global conference where Hughes senior executives engage, connect and unify around a cohesive strategy. The audience is diverse in geography and interests, yet focused on the brand and its mission.

To create a story that resonates and connects people from all over the world together, TalkingTree created approximately 50 videos providing a cumulative, 90-minute education and entertainment experience providing valuable content throughout the general session. The framework is designed to support a brand-centered environment conducive to both learning and excitement, so TalkingTree uses corporate theater and immersive presentation capabilities to stage a content experience that is unforgettable. In addition, Hughes relies on TalkingTree to book entertainment and keynote speakers, as well as design of all graphics, music, lighting and effects.

Engaging Entrepreneurs with the Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF)

Since its inception, the SECAF annual gala has been built on the cornerstones of the TalkingTree Strategic Creative process. SECAF is an organization dedicated to assisting government contractors with strategies and opportunities to grow in a competitive marketplace. The business goals of the event include member engagement and membership recruitment/retention, as well as celebrating success.

The audience is both buttoned-up business-like and energized about entrepreneurship, so the message and theme focus on making attendees feel like winners through a framework and environmental design that achieves a lighthearted, celebratory portrayal through music, videos, graphics, audience participation and decor. In addition to the core storyline, TalkingTree also uses video production to create event content that seamlessly integrates with the educational and entertainment messages, and becomes central to the successful execution of an event that is by, for and about the SECAF community.

Celebrating Success for the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA)

This regional economic development agency in one of America’s fastest-growing markets recognized that its annual dinner needed to be a more engaging and impactful experience. TalkingTree Creative worked with the client to learn more about the audience dynamics, and in response created a “Mission Possible” video in which business owners played parts designed to align around the most critical real-world needs that the HCEDA addresses.

This became the story, and to support it the event framework integrated a branded stage set with cameras, lights and large-screen projection to create a truly transformed environment. TalkingTree then helped manage the scripting process to provide aligned content, and directed the show to ensure flawless execution. The result was a far more engaged audience, including post-event feedback indicating that many developed a stronger bond with the organization as a result – thus achieving a key business objective.

Strategic Creative is a truly transformative model for envisioning, planning, orchestrating and producing events that are not only entertaining but also ultimately successful in moving your organization closer to its goals.

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