How Corporate Theater Will Transform Your Next Event

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Think about events you’ve attended that you really enjoyed as an audience member. A concert by your favorite artist, or your favorite play at the theater, for example. These kinds of events have a way of capturing our hearts and imaginations that draws us in and keeps us coming back for more.

Now think about the corporate events you’ve attended. Are there any that really engaged you in the way that concert or theater performance did? Most corporate events don’t connect with their audience on the same level as other kinds of events. And there are those who would say that this is simply a function of a more reserved corporate culture. But this preconceived notion of what a corporate event should be is the reason that many corporate events fail.

How Corporate Theater Will Transform Your Next Event

Corporate theater is an approach to corporate event production that recognizes the importance of two key components of engaging an audience. Entertainment elements, and the suspension of dis-belief.

One of the reasons people enjoy plays or concerts so much is because when they enter the venue, they suspend their disbelief at the door. By this, we mean they are actively choosing to just accept what they see and actually “believe” it’s true. When we attend an event and anticipate being entertained, we’re willing to suspend our dis-belief in order to fully engage with the event.

The same principle can apply to corporate events. If people attend a corporate event with the expectation that they’re going to be entertained, they’re willing to shift out of their default mode and engage more with what’s happening on stage. This is what corporate theater is about. Corporate theater changes the dynamic of the event and draws the audience by suspending their beliefs and engaging them with creative entertainment.

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