Four Questions to Ask During Corporate Event Pre-Production

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Pre-production is the process of planning a corporate event. This is where the presentations are sequenced, transitions designed, and the overall theme of the event is conceptualized, just to name a few things. There’s a lot that goes on in pre-production, and all of it is important in creating a well-rounded final product.

But before any presentations can be sequenced or any scripts written, pre-production begins with a few simple questions. And though these questions might seem unnecessary given their simplicity, they are actually fundamental in the context of the event. The answers to the questions an independent producer asks at the beginning of pre-production provide a foundation from which the production company builds on to create a meaningful and engaging event that captures the minds and hearts of the audience. Here’s where it all starts.

Four Questions to Ask During Corporate Event Pre-Production

Who is your audience?

A simple enough question it would seem, but the answer can get surprisingly complex. Who is your audience demographically speaking? What is the context in which they’re attending your event? Why are they interested in what you have to say?

Who are you?

What is your company culture? What are your companies values? This is another piece in the puzzle that will inform the direction of the event.

What is your message?

What is it that you want your audience to come away with from your event? What action do you want to inspire them to take having attended your event?

How can we communicate this message to the audience?

Communicating your message to your audience requires putting it in context, which is why you’ve asked yourself the first two questions. The creative elements you’ll use to convey your message to your audience need to be in line both with who you are as a company and who your audience is. Once you know who your audience is and who you are, you’re ready to figure out how these factors will influence the distribution of your message.

Now we’re moving away from the macro view of your event and into the small stuff. What kind of music will your audience like? What sounds are they hearing during a transition? What are they seeing on stage? The question here is: How can the dynamics of a live event be crafted to make the event more theatrical, and thus more engaging? This is what a corporate event company specializes in, and this is what’s going to make your next event your best one yet. Talk to TalkingTree Creative for more information on corporate event production in Baltimore and DC that’s driven by deep rooted creativity.



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