Creative Strategies for New Product Launches

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2listowin1A new product introduction is one of the most important opportunities your business has to make an impact with your customers, prospects and partners. It also represents an enormous challenge in a crowded, noise-filled marketplace. How do you make your product launch stand apart and generate awareness that leads to sales? Here are three powerful strategies:

1. Begin the launch before the launch event.

You want buzz? You want impact? Start the launch process well before the launch event — months and months before it. Start with email and social communications that allude to what’s coming. Consider a social media contest where people can predict features of the product.

Encourage people to submit photos of what they think it might look like (How many “This is what the next iPhone might look like” videos have you seen? Lots). Encourage customers and other stakeholders to submit comments, selfies and videos with their ideas and ‘wish list’ priorities. This will all build awareness and prime the pump with energy.

2. Produce a launch event both in person and online.

Certainly, you need a powerful launch event. This should be a well-timed, high-profile event (preferably tied to a major trade show or industry event) and it must be professionally produced by a high-quality event production company.

But beyond that, you also need an online component – a virtual event or real-time streamcast of the event. Then, tie the two parts together with things such as live-streaming of tweets or remote video messages presented to the in-person audience.

3. Extend the impact with real-world and virtual road shows.

The launch is just that – a launch, i.e. a start, a beginning, a first step. People can’t love what they can’t touch, feel and see. Take your product on the road, both in person and online. Use the in-person programs to record customer feedback and experiences, then share those online and vice-versa. Use online engagement to poll people for future real-world road show stops, and keep the dynamic alive.

By using these three strategies, what you’ll ultimately do is create a community – a community of people who have been engaged, energized and activated to become evangelists and advocates for your product. These are your allies, fans and future customers, whether they see you and your product in person, or participate entirely via digital channels.

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