Long-Form Video and Online Marketing

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There’s no doubt that in the world of online video marketing, short-form content is getting most of the attention these days. Instagram and Vine are both pushing the video features of their platforms, and marketers are picking up on these new trends, using them with a lot of success on social media platforms and marketing campaigns.

But what about short-form content’s relative, long-form? Long-form video seems to have been relegated to second place in online video marketing. Data show that the longer the video, the fewer the number of viewers that make it to the end. In fact, as we mentioned in a recent blog (link), about half of viewers will have stopped watching a video by the end of the first 60 seconds. So where does long-form content fit in the video marketing paradigm?


Finding a Place for Long-Form Video Online

Long-form video is not strictly defined, but for argument’s sake let’s define it as any video that is 3 minutes or longer. There are many types of video content that work much better when allowed to stretch out, and some that only work under these circumstances. For example:


Product Demonstrations – Depending on the product, a product demonstration may require 3 minutes or more.

Interviews – In-depth interviews with experts need room to breathe and develop. With the right person, this type of content can really shine, and there’s no reason to cut it short.

How-To’s – How-to videos can vary in length and may fall on the short or long end of the spectrum. In any case, it’s important not to let time constraints override the need for adequate explanation.


In all of these cases, long-form videos are acceptable and may even be ideal. Long-form video offers several advantages over short-form content. First, and most obviously long-form video doesn’t sacrifice content for time. Second, long-form has much more staying power than short-form. A short-form campaign might be slick and fresh, but it has a high turnover rate. Long-form productions, on the other hand, can stay on your site for a much longer time.

Another one of the big advantages of long-form content is that it allows you to connect on a deeper level with your audience. There is simply a greater potential for depth with long-form that translates into a stronger connection with your target market. Of course the concern over losing viewers will always be there, but the other side of the coin is that the viewers who are seeking out longer, more substantive content are not only more likely to watch it all the way through, but more likely to appreciate the fact that you’re engaging them on a deeper level.


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