The End of Powerpoint: Corporate Theater as an Alternative to Powerpoint

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How many times have you gone to a corporate event that has been dominated by the presentation of Powerpoint slideshows? The answer is most likely quite a few. Powerpoint is perceived as somewhat of a necessary evil at corporate events. No one likes to sit through a dull presentation, but few are willing to make the effort to convey this information in an alternative format, one which is more engaging and ultimately more effective. These alternatives do exist, though they are certainly underutilized. Let’s talk about some of the problems found in most Powerpoint presentations, and corporate theater as an alternative that can be used to better engage your audience.

Powerpoint’s Problems

  • Presenters often simply read slides word for word, without adding any additional insight. This is an easy way to lose your audience, who want to be talked to, not at.


  • Spelling errors, poor font choices, poor color schemes and other bad aesthetic choices (crazy animations!) can be distracting to the eye.


  • Slides are often packed with data, rendering them unintelligible.


  • Presentations frequently have too many slides, and could easily be condensed into a shorter, more concise version.


  • Powerpoint creates a dynamic where the presenter and the audience are engaging not with each other, but with a secondary and inanimate object. This prevents the presenter from engaging with the audience directly on a personal level, which is more effective.


Most of these problems are a running theme in Powerpoint presentations. As such, Powerpoint has gained a pretty bad reputation, to the point where if you begin your presentation with a Powerpoint, you will have already lost a good portion of your audience.

Corporate Theater as an Alternative

Corporate theater is a completely different approach to corporate event production that throws Powerpoint and all of the traditionally dull aspects of corporate events out the window. Corporate theater is the use of creativity and entertainment elements to engage your audience, deliver your message, and inspire them to take action. Think of the suspension of belief that occurs when you walk into a theater. This action is intentional, and allows you to fully enjoy and appreciate the events occurring on the stage. The same can be achieved at a corporate event through the use of corporate theater. An audience in this state is much more receptive to your message, because it is being engaged in a way which it is not accustomed to given the nature of the event. Corporate theater has great potential for your corporate event in Baltimore or Washington, D.C. Contact TalkingTree Creative today to learn more about how we can help you make your next corporate event your best one yet.

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