New Ideas for the New Year: Creating Successful Corporate Events in 2015

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parkourSo – You’re beginning planning for your 2015 events and are looking for some new and innovative ideas that can create a different experience for attendees. You want some thing more…engaging. More…entertaining. And more…exciting.

But what is the purpose or goal of the new idea? What is its objective? Where do you want to take your events in the future, and for whom?

You’ll know that a new concept will be worth pursuing if it turns your program from an event that people attend, into an experience in which they participate.

Turn Your Event Attendees into Experience Participants

Here are five emerging concepts that can help you take your 2015 corporate events into the future by creating a new level of experience and immersive engagement:

1. Free Running & Parkour – These brilliant athlete/performers will undoubtedly create an entertaining presentation, but in conjunction with carefully planned video, and location planning, they can actually immerse your attendees in a real-time experience throughout the venue and beyond.

2. Vertical Performance – Aerial routines above the show floor change the entire dynamic of how people perceive an event. Let the entire space become a part of the immersive experience with this exciting option.

3. Shadow Performers – This approach brings the advantage of integrating two formats – project imagery and front-of-screen choreography. This engages audience members and allows for the impression of direct participation.

4. Paintout – Directly engaging participants in a process of creating art through light, this combination of virtual and physical expression can also be integrated with social media to create an instantly shareable activity.

5. Victorian Return – Capitalizing on the excitement of a previous era, Victorian stalls and games can combine a SteamPunk aesthetic with a cutting-edge combination of entertainment and involvement that brings together historical re-enactment with team-building enthusiasm.

These are just some of the exciting new concepts that you can integrate into the strategy for your next corporate event. The first step you should take is to apply the steps in the Strategic Creative process to develop a strategy and framework for a successful event, then retain a first-class event production company to take you from vision through execution.

Creating Breakthrough Events with Strategic Creative

Begin your journey to corporate event success with a clearly defined methodology for event execution. One proven model is Strategic Creative, which was developed by the team at TalkingTree Creative. To learn more, please enjoy this three-article series about Strategic Creative:

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> Showcasing the Power of Strategic Creative in Corporate Events [Article 3]

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