How to Choose an Event Production Company in the Washington DC Region

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2listowin1One of the most important decisions you can make when planning and executing a major corporate event is to select and partner with the right event production company.

Selecting the best event production company is an essential step that will allow you to (a) delegate management tasks to an expert team, (b) partner with someone whose job, in part, is to protect your interests — whether that be in terms of strategy, budget, execution or protecting timelines, and (c) bring the right balance of creative thinking and practical expertise that can guide your event to success.

With so much at stake, how can you reliably go about selecting the right event production company for your needs? Here are five key components that can give you a good picture as you evaluate firms for your next major event:

1. Are they a true Washington, DC regional firm?

Corporate event production in Washington DC and its surrounding areas requires local market know-how. Complex regulations, the differing laws and codes in two states and the District of Columbia, plus the unique demands of producing high-end events for demanding corporate, government, association and nonprofit audiences mean you need a local team with in-market experience.

2. Do they know the venues, partners and players?

What venues have the firms you are considering worked with? Where have they produced programs? Do they have key partners who can support technical requirements and help deliver a complete event? Are they connected with the best production services in the business?

3. Do they bring a talented team to the table?

Each company you consider should bring a serious team of talented players to the table. That includes the lead producer, creative director, production coordinator, special events manager and key engineers such as the video and audio experts.

4. Do they work with your kinds of events and clients?

If you’re planning a Fortune 100 corporate sales event, that is very different than producing a major charitable ball or a political conference. Make sure your event production company has experience in the kinds of events you’re producing – and has worked with top-shelf clients like your organization.

5. Can they provide integrated capabilities?

Remember that a successful experience means more than just producing a solid event. It means using audio, lighting, video and entertainment components to craft an integrated, inspiring experience.

Make sure the firms you are looking at as finalists bring some key skills to the table – most notably expertise in video production (both pre-event and day-of) and entertainment strategy, selection, booking and execution.

With these five criteria at hand, you will be very well positioned to quickly narrow your options down to a powerful ‘short list’ that can guide you to the best partner for your needs. And in selecting the right firm, you’ll be well on your way to achieving success for your next corporate event.

Creating Breakthrough Events with Strategic Creative

Begin your journey to corporate event success with a clearly defined methodology for event execution. One proven model is Strategic Creative, which was developed by the team at TalkingTree Creative, an award-winning Washington DC event production company. To learn more, please enjoy this three-article series about Strategic Creative:

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